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Book yourself in when faced with a rectal prolapse in Hampshire

Are you worried about rectal prolapse? Do you find it hard coping from day to day? If you’re facing rectal prolapse, this can be worrying, painful and incredibly scary, but it’s important to seek the right help.

At Basingstoke Colorectal we are here to offer support, treatment and aftercare so you can safely deal with your rectal prolapse.

At Basingstoke Colorectal we are a team made up of 6 consultants who each specialise in their own area. With our fantastic team by your side, we can provide specialist help that gives you the support and treatment you deserve.

We are proud to say that we are one of two National Pseudomyxoma Centres funded by the National Specialised Commissioning Group. We are also proud to say we have a low permanent stoma rate and a low mortality in private patients.

Whether it’s rectal prolapse or anything else listed on your website, you can know that you are not alone and you don’t need to feel worried about getting the right treatment. We’d like to hear from you about whatever issue you’re facing, so get in touch now.

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