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At Basingstoke Colorectal we understand the sensitivity and trust that goes into working with health professionals. But we also believe that your health should come first, by working with us, we’ll be able to carry out any treatments or inspections necessary to make sure everything is okay. If anything needs to be done, we’ll be able to help you out, consulting you through everything we do.

Our team is led by professionals in the field, making sure you get the care you need and that your body is treated with the sensitivity and carefulness that’s required to make sure you’re ready for whatever treatments need to happen.

There for you

We hold consultations with everyone we work with, so you’ll know what’s going to happen and you understand any procedures that are going to be taken. We help with all manner of problems, whilst we are a rectal clinic, there to help you out, we’re also a Haemorrhoids Clinic for Hampshire and the surrounding area. So even if you’re just a small bit worried, it’s worth talking to us to make sure everything’s on the right track.

Our team of trained professionals work with you to make sure you get the highest quality of care available. Upon first signing up with us, we’ll go through all the insurance details, we pride ourselves on being transparent and straightforward with everything we do. To learn more about various conditions we treat, check out our main page here, alternatively give us a ring on: 01256 354747

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