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Whether you’ve been diagnosed with bowl cancer or are yet to receive a diagnosis, you could have noticed the following:

  • ·      Rectal bleeding that is often mixed in with the motions. Blood may be slightly dark in colour but can occasionally look fresh.
  • ·      Significant unexplained weight loss
  • ·      Change in bowel habit to looser or more frequent motions for upwards of 6 weeks
  • ·      Certain types of anaemia
  • ·      The presence of a lump in the tummy
  • ·      A feeling of being unable to clear the back passage

At Basingstoke Colorectal we specialise in colorectal cancer, and when you come to our clinic, you’ll be the hands of our fantastic team. Our team of surgeons and nurses are on hand to ensure you are comfortable and confident in our treatments, and whatever you’re facing, we’re certain that we can take care of you and provide the right treatment.

You can contact our clinic by filling in the online contact form via our website or call on 01256 354747 to book a consultation with our team. We also have a wealth of information on our website where you can learn more about hernias and how we treat them, as well as information on our consultants.

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